Attractive lady with long dark blonde hair in green top

Add length & thickness 

If you’re looking to achieve longer, thicker hair we recommend a full head of hair extensions.

If your hair is already quite long, you may be able to add length with 1/2 or 3/4 head of extensions.


3+ months wear

Hair reusable

Full head from £300


Over 30 shades available

About hair extensions

Your questions answered

Is my hair long enough
for extensions?

If you’re looking to add length to your hair,
we recommend your natural hair
is long enough to go into a ponytail,
even if it’s a short, stubby one.

A minimum length of 5″ across all layers of your hair
means it should be long enough for extensions.

How much length
can I add to my hair?

It depends on the length or your natural hair.

Short hair? 
We recommend increasing it to shoulder length

Shoulder length or longer? 
You can choose longer extensions.

Attractive lady with long brown bouncy curled hair

How much does a full head of hair extensions cost?

Price depends on the type of hair, the length and the colour.

A full head of extensions, resulting in longer, thicker hair, can cost from £300 – £500+.

Several of our hair types can be reused, meaning the initial cost may be higher, but the cost comes down for subsequent sets.

For example, our European hair could be an investment over £500, but the following applications, reusing the same hair, would be under £300.

Take your pick

Our hair
Brunette European Hair Extensions with Loose Wave


These premium, luxurious hair comes in a range of lengths, can be bespoke matched to your natural colour and can be reused.

Long blonde great lengths hair extensions

Great Lengths®

Ethically sourced Indian hair, available in pre-bonded or tapes. Over 30 shades available, including rooted strands.

Beauty Work®

Over 40 colour options, including mixed strands and balayage. This pre-bonded or tape hair comes in 18″, 20″ or 24” lengths.

Dark brown indian remy temple hair

Indian Remy Temple

Our Basic range indian remy hair comes in 15 shades and is ideal if you’re trying extensions for the first time. 

Try Before You Buy

Unsure about bonds? We offer a FREE Try before you buy service. At consultation we can apply a couple of bonds to your hair so you can see how they feel, before committing to hair extensions.