BeautWorks Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Bring your own
Hair Extensions

If you prefer to bring your own hair extensions,
we offer a fitting-only service from £99.

We can fit:

  • Pre-bonded – flat tip or nail tip extensions
  • Tape extensions
  • Micro-ring or micro-loop extensions

Salon or home appointments


Pre-bonded or Tape extensions applied

Full head fitting from £99

Flexible appointment times

Hair Extensions

Application methods

We can apply your own hair in the following methods. We specialise in the pre-bonded application method and if you’re buying your own hair, we recommend you choose flat keratin tip or nail tip bonds.

We also offer a fitting-only service for micro-ring, micro-loop or tape hair extensions

Lady with Dark Hair with Great Lengths flat hair extension bonds applied

Pre-bonded Keratin Flat tip

Stick tip nano bond chestnut brown hair extensions


Hands peeling paper from brunette tape hair extensions


How much hair should you buy?

The amount of hair you’ll need depends on if you’re adding legnth or just thickness.

It also depends on the thickness of your natural hair and the result you’re looking to achieve.

Average full head: 120-150 grams

Thick hair: 150-200 grams

Check the weight

Extensions are typically sold by amount of bonds or by weight.

We advise you choose 0.8 gram or 1 gram strands.

For very fine natural hair, 0.5 or 0.6 gram strands may be better.

If you are looking for 120 grams of hair,
and each strand is 0.8g,
you would need to buy 150 bonds for example.

Prefer us to supply the hair?

We have a range of hair types to choose from to suit your budget.

Brown and blonde hair extensions loose

How to choose your hair

If you’re choosing to bring your own hair extensions, you likely already have a brand you’re happy with and just need a professional to fit them. 

If you prefer, we offer a range of hair types and take care of colour matching, ordering and fitting your new extensions.

Price list

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