Application Methods

We have a range of application methods to choose from

  • Pre bonded keratin flat tip
  • Micro-ring / micro-loop
  • Tapes

Hair Extensions

Application Methods
Lady with Dark Hair with Great Lengths flat hair extension bonds applied

Pre-bonded Keratin Flat tip

Our most popular method. Our bonds are small, flat, comfortable and discreet.

The keratin tip is folded around your hair and sealed flat.

The bonds don't damage the natural hair and can be worn for over 3 months. Micro/mini bonds can be applied to fine or thinning hair.

Stick tip nano bond chestnut brown hair extensions


Mico ring or 'micro loop' extensions have keratin stick tips, which are secured to your hair with small metal or plastic rings.

This method can be more visible in the hair, but strands can be moved up and re-used easily.

For those with very fine hair, bonds or tapes may be more suitable.

Hands peeling paper from brunette tape hair extensions


Great for adding thickness, tapes are a good middle-ground if you don’t want to commit to extensions long-term, as they last around 8 weeks.

A small section of your naturall hair is sandwiched between tapes, sitting flat against the head.

Have the hair you've always dreamt of...

Add length or thickness to your natural hair. We supply and fit hair extensions, and with a range of hair types and application methods to choose from, we have options to suit every budget.

My home salon is based in Northamptonshire and I also offer mobile hair extensions appointments.

Try Before You Buy

Unsure about bonds? We offer a FREE Try before you buy service. At consultation we can apply a couple of bonds to your hair so you can see how they feel, before committing to hair extensions.

Cold Fusion Technology

This innovative technology allows for an easy, cold application method delivering a discreet and invisible result and protecting the hair and at the same time ensuring total comfort.

Great Lengths Hair or our European hair can both be bonded to your hair using the patented coldfusion technique.

Unlike traditional warm fusion bonding, cold-fusion uses ultrasounds. With no damage to your natural hair, this ultrasonic method offers the best hair extensions attachment.

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