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Hair extensions FAQ

How can you judge where to go to get your hair extensions carried out? Ask to see photos of their work – again ensure the finished hair photo shows the hair straight- many disguise poor blending work by offering to curl the extensions once they’ve fitted them. Look them up online, do they have a Facebook page- what are people saying about them? Ask them if they can provide testimonials. Ask to see photos of the bonds – keratin bonds should be small and flat, not 1-2″ long!!

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The best way is to ask friends for recommendations. Most my hair extensions clients come from friend referrals and I reward my girls with £50 each time they recommend a friend as a thank you.

It is normal to pay a deposit up front, usually £30-60 would be fair. I ask for £50 deposit, this secures the booking so no one else can take the slot and it also prevents clients booking appointments and not turning up!

If you have any questions about hair extensions in Northamptonsire, Leicestershire or other surrounding areas please do not hesitate to text or call or email me

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