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Hair extensions – ask the right questions

How to choose someone to do your hair extensions.

When choosing your hair extensions professional, you should feel comfortable asking questions – and your chosen stylist should be happy to answer.

Some of the questions you might want to ask are as follows:

Is the hair Asian, Indian, European or Russian? What method will be used to add extensions?
Bond Hair use Indian and European hair and specialise in pre-bonded hair extensions, using hot or cold fusion that won’t damage the hair.

How experienced are they? Do they have a portfolio of their work?
Bond Hair has four years of fully qualified and insured experience. There is a portfolio of our work available to view on the gallery pages of the Bond Hair website; you can also visit the testimonials page.

Ask to see the bonds

What lies beneath is crutial to judging any technicians work. The finished look and photos on their instagram may look great but things are not always as they seem. You want to ensure bonds are applied neatly, in a uniform ‘bricked’ approach and that small consistent sized sections of hair are attached to each bond. The bonds should be small in size, avoid those which look like long sausage shapes and opt for a small, flat bond which will be far more comfortable to wear.

How long do extensions last?

The type of bond used by Bond Hair means that hair extensions last approximately 3 months if cared for correctly. A top-up may be required at around six weeks to keep the hair extensions looking full for the duration of their life. Bond Hair provides aftercare guidelines, available to download from the Bond Hair website.

You should be completely happy with the hair extensions and stylist when choosing where to have your hair extensions done. If you are not confident about the hair extensions that you have looked at previously, wait a little longer until you can afford the best.
At Bond Hair we are happy to answer any questions you might have that are not answered above, so please get in touch – email us here or call/text 07825776960.

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