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How long do bonded hair extensions last?

How long will hair extensions last? I am often asked this question and the truth is that there are various factors at play here and how long your hair extensions last will depend on a number of factors. What effects how long your hair extensions will last? Who applied them…

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Remy is right for Bond Hair

Customers often ask about synthetic hair extensions which can be cheaper than human hair. Whilst synthetic is popular in some circumstances, Bond Hair use 100% human hair because it is long lasting and can be styled, curled and straightened using heat, unlike synthetic extensions. There are two types of human…

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Extensions don’t just add length

The typical view is that hair extensions are for people who want longer hair. Whilst the girls from TOWIE like to show off their long locks and often publicise that they have had hair extensions, Bond Hair can create whatever style you are looking for. Our hair extensions can be…

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The business of hair extensions is growing

The business of hair extensions has proven to be resilient to the tough economic times, with sales rising year on year – and thought to be up to £60m a year. The trade in human hair has gone global, with women across the world buying, selling or donating their hair,…

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FAQs about hair extensions

Ensure that your chosen technician knows what they are doing – so don’t be afraid to ask questions, A LOT of questions. After all, it’s your hard-earned money you’re spending and many people don’t know much about the different methods etc. A good company will take time to answer your…

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