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Caring for hair extensions

More and more research has been carried out and many products have been developed as technology has advanced, so you can be sure that our hair care guidelines are backed by science.


The most important factor in keeping human hair healthy is moisture, as this keeps hair strong. If hair loses moisture, the strands will swell, losing strength and flexibility and will break.

Many factors affect the moisture content in hair such as diet, chemical treatments and air humidity. For example, whilst shampooing, conditioning and towel drying, hair will be stroked in different directions which can cause strands to weaken and break. Combing hair can stretch the strands and also cause breakage. Hair extensions are at risk of this damage: because Bond Hair only use human hair, the extensions will behave just like your own hair.

Remy Hair

Bond Hair use Remy hair which means that all the strands run in the same direction. So, when washing, drying or combing your hair stroke all the strands in the same direction.

Research has also taught us that hair is negatively charged and shampoos are designed to have a negative charge as well so that they will not be absorbed. Conditioner is designed to encourage the absorption of moisture, whilst not leaving any conditioner behind. A good conditioner will reduce the friction between strands of hair, resulting in stronger, smoother looking hair. Conditioner should not be used on the bonds of hair extensions.

Bond Hair recommends hair care products for hair extensions that will enhance your hair extensions. If you have any questions about caring for hair extensions, please get in touch.

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