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How to Look After Hair Extensions During Lockdown

May 24, 2020

4 Top Tips for Looking After Long Locks in Lockdown

Many of those living with hair extensions now find themselves unable to get their bonds professionally removed, replaced or maintained.

Here’s our 4 Top Tips for caring for your hair extensions during lockdown.

1. Seek advice

Whether you have hair extensions or just a cut or colour that is growing out, stay in touch with your hairdresser, salon or extension technician.

They know your hair and will be able to give tailored advice to help your through and avoid you doing anything on a whim, or making costly hair mistakes. 

2. Should you remove your own hair extensions?

To remove, or not to remove, that is the question. As extensions removals should only be carried out by a trained hair extensions technician, it’s not advisable to remove your own. However, leaving bonds in too long, allowing them to grow down the hair can be ill-advised if they’ve started to mat with your natural hair. If you’re careful, it is possible to remove your own extensions, I advise getting someone else within your household to help you, and it’s besy to take advice and instruction from your usual salon. Many bonds have a unique make-up, though most are made from keratin, not all bonds are the same. Some require acetone, others acetate solutions, therefore, it’s best to get the correct removal solution or gel from your usul technician. Do not remove your hair extensions with heat or using hair straighteners!  

3. Indulge your hair 

One benefit of lockdown is the extra time we’re all spending at home.

Any new-found spare time on your hands means you can schedule in additional ‘self-care’ or ‘me time’.

Use this time indoors to treat your hair, (or hair extensions) to some indulgent treats.

Here’s some we recommend…

  •  Silk pillow case

This may sound indulgent, but investing in one of these will pay off.

As we sleep we move around more than we think, and hair can rub on our pillowcase, causing matting, or contributing to thinning or hair loss in certain areas.

I can tell which side I sleep on the most, as the front of my hair is a lot thinner on one side.

You can pick up silk pillow cases from Amazon,  from as little as £15.

My top pillow case picks are LilySilk £15.99 or JasmineSilk £10.99 

  • Hair Masks

Deep-conditioning masks are great for both your natural hair and extensions.

You can apply oils and masks to extensions, as long as you avoid the root area – be careful not to apply conditioning treatments near the bonds.

To play it safe, we recommend applying masks from the mid-lenghs to the ends of your hair, leaving on for 10-60 minutes before washing out.

Why not combine a hair mask with a long, hot soak in the bath? The heat will open the hair follicles, and allow the conditioning treatment to go that extra mile! Win-win!

Lady straightening long blonde hair with black hair iron

4. Avoid heat

Take this opportunity to avoid over-styling your extensions and don’t be tempted to apply unnecessary heat.

It’s always advisable to blow dry the roots of the hair where the bonds are applied, to avoid moisture building up. However, if you can leave the mid-lengths and ends to dry naturally, then do.

If you’re not going ‘out out‘ then try to keep straightening, curling, and fancy up-do’s to a minimum.


Unsure about bonds? We offer a FREE Try before you buy service. At consultation we can apply a couple of bonds to your hair so you can see how they feel, before commiting to hair extensions.

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