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Cocktail Box Home Delivery

Jun 13, 2020

Delicious cocktail boxes, straight to your door!

I think I first saw The Occasion Bar on Instagram. Located in Northamptonshire, The Occasion Bar Co. provides mobile luxury bar services throughout the UK.

I noticed they were offering cocktail boxes, delivered to your door – something I had to take advantage of in lockdown! 

Here’s my review of the box and service. The thoughts are my own, and I did not receive anything for writing the review.

I have however arraged a 10% discount code for you ladies, if you want to try one for yourself.

Check the bottom of the blog post for your 10% off code. Enjoy…

The Occasion Bar Logo

Bond’s review…

5 stars
Open box with cocktail ingredients and equipment

Cocktail Box Delivery Northamptonshire

Although I don’t drink very often (as we follow a plant-based diet, so try to limit alchohol to once a month), it’s nice to have a treat!

As we entered week 10 or 11 of ‘lockdown’ (I’ve lost count), I thought it would be nice to order one of these for a Saturday night.

I ordered a box for myself, and sent one to a friend.

The boxes were delivered on the Saturday afternoon and came beautifully packaged, with a small bunch of flowers on the top and a gift tag.

The Occasion Bar have the option to post the box, and the receipient can keep the glasses and equipment, or, if you have a box delivered locally, they will collect it all the next morning.

What the cocktail box includes

The box comes with everything you need to make your cocktails from home, including:

  • Laminated recipe card
  • Alcohol (vodka, gin etc.)
  • Mixers (raspberry daiquiri mix, espresso etc.)
  • Garnish, and any extras (lemon, lime, mint, sugar, coffee beans, and straws)
  • Ice (yes, they even send a bag of ice cubes)
  • Crystal glasses (tumblers and martini glasses)
  • Cocktail-making equipment (measure, shaker, strainer, stirer).

Box Option 2

My 3 cocktails

There are currently two options to choose from. I went for option 2, and we had three different cocktails each.

Cocktail Box 1 – Mojito x 2, Strawberry Daiquiri x2 & Porn Star Martini x2


Cocktail Box 2 – Raspberry Mojito x2, Gin Bramble x2, Espresso Martini x2

I was super pleased to learn that an Espresso Martini does not contain dairy, so that’s a bonus for anyone who is vegan, plant-based, or those who avoid dairy.

Espresso Martini Cocktail from The Occasion Bar Northamptonshire
Two tumbler glasses of raspberry daiquiri with gold strawers
Two tumbler glasses of raspberry daiquiri with gold strawers

Enjoy 10% off courtesy of bond…

sf you’d like to try a cocktail box for yourself, or send one to a friend, we’ve arranged 10% off your box!

The discount code applies to any box with local (Northamptonshire) delivery – check their website for postcodes.

You can send a box by post, or have one delivered within Northamptonshire postcodes (some delivery fees apply).

Use discount code bondhair1 when you book your box with local delivery.

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The Occasion Bar Cocktail Box 10% Off

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