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5 Top Tips For Caring For Hair Extensions

Apr 13, 2020

Tips To Ensure Your Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Stay in
Tip-Top Condition!

More and more research has been carried out and many products have been developed as technology has advanced. A little bit of common sense also goes a long way to ensuring your hair extensions stay looking great for as long as possible.

1. Choose High Quality Hair

No matter how carefully you look after your new hair extensions, they’ll only ever be as good as the hair itself.

At Bond Hair we recommend you opt for the best quality hair you within your budget, it’s true what they say – you get what you pay for, and hair extensions are no exception to this wise rule.

If you don’t know where to start then we can advise you on hair types, we offer a range of options to suit every budget and it goes without saying the best hair costs a little more – that said, taking a long-term view there’s not as much in the price as you’d think.

For example, our Bespoke European (premium hair) can be reused/reapplied several times. You pay a little more up-front but the cost comes down for subsequent uses.

Choose Remy Hair Extensions

Remy is not a brand of hair extensions like many think. Remy simply means that the hair has been collected and kept in the correct direction of natural hair growth – root to tip.

The benefit of remy hair is a smooth finish, with hair cuticles all facing the same way.

Non-remy hair may appear fine at first glance, even for several washes, but later down the line you will find the hair extensions bunching up or appearing as if they’ve been back-combed or matted directly after brushing it. This is because the hair has been swept up and mixed up, alternating the direction of hair in the bundles supplied.

At Bond Hair all our hair ranges are Remy, which means that all the strands run in the same direction and you can be assured of the quality.

Opt for a High Grade of Hair Extensions

You may see extensions given a grade rating, for example AA or AAAAA. The more A’s, the higher the grade and the better the hair quality.

If you’re opting for our ‘Fitting Only’ service where you can bring your own pre-bonded hair extensions, then try to buy hair with a grade AAAA or AAAAA+ where possible. These tend to be Virgin European or Russian hair.

2. Retain Moisture in your Hair Extensions

The most important factor in keeping human hair healthy is moisture, as this keeps hair strong. If hair loses moisture, the strands will swell, losing strength and flexibility and will break.

As hair extensions are not gaining the nutrients and oils your natural hair would, you need to give them a helping hand. It goes without saying that bleached/blond hair extensions tend to become more dry than brunette and dark hair, so blonde extensions will require a little added TLC.

Many factors affect the moisture content in hair such as diet, chemical treatments and air humidity. For example, whilst shampooing, conditioning and towel drying, hair will be stroked in different directions which can cause strands to weaken and break. Combing hair can stretch the strands and also cause breakage. Hair extensions are at risk of this damage: because Bond Hair only use human hair, the extensions will behave just like your own hair.

Research has taught us that hair is negatively charged and shampoos are designed to have a negative charge as well, so that they will not be absorbed. Conditioner is designed to encourage the absorption of moisture, whilst not leaving any residue behind to cause a greasy finish. Good conditioners will reduce friction between strands of hair, resulting in stronger, smoother looking hair. Conditioner should not be used on the bonds/roots of hair.


Bond Hair recommends products that will enhance your hair extensions and keep them looking nourished for as long as possible. 

Lady brushing long brown hair with Great lengths paddle brush

3. Don’t Over or Under Wash Your Hair Extensions

Whilst ensuring moisture if put into the lengths of the hair through a weekly conditioning mask or treatment, we don’t recommend that the bonds/root of your hair is exposed to too much moisture. This means don’t over wash it – avoid daily hair washes, but don’t let the roots become greasy. Too much moisture at the root can cause keratin bonds to soften and this can cause shedding of the hair or loss of bonds.

Everyone’s hair is different so judge your own hair. If it feels greasy after 2 days then wash it. For most we recommend washing hair extensions 2-3 times per week.

4. Brush Hair Extensions Regularly & Tie Hair Up to Sleep

Lady brushing long brown hair with Great lengths paddle brush

Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Many people are scared to touch or brush their new hair extensions, which leads to more harm than good. Regular brushing is good for the hair as it encourages natural shedding and ensures no matting occurs at the root area housing the keratin bonds.

Some can’t stop touching and brushing their new Rapunzel-style locks, so don’t go overboard.

Brushing your extensions several times a day, including morning and night is recommended.

What to do with Hair Extensions whilst Sleeping

I recommend you tie hair extensions in a loose side plait or ponytail when sleeping, this avoids any tangling or matting when you move around during sleep. 

Ensure hair is tied low down, near the nape of the neck to avoid pulling the bonds or natural hair root. As long as it feels comfortable this is the main thing.

5. Don’t let bonds stick together

In addition to brushing, and probably THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I can tell you in regard to hair extensions aftercare is this:

Ensure your bonds are separated (not sticking/matting together) at all times. 

Your bonds should remain separated one day, one week, one month and three months after they were fitted, they should not stick together.

I tell my clients to run their fingers through their new hair on day one, get a partner, mum, sister, brother or friend to look and feel them also. Then use this person to regularly check your bonds for you (fi you can’t be trusted to do so yourself). Ensure they feel the same – entirely separated) at all times. You should be able to count each individual bond if you had to.

If, at any stage you think your pre-bonded hair extensions are sticking together or matting into a dreadlock or clump (they shouldn’t do), then be sure to contact you stylist immediately for a check up (see pint 5).

Do not leave it to get worse. I’ve been doing hair extensions over 11 years now and have seen a handful of serious cases of matting – it’s purely down to poor aftercare by the client and is rare.

Whislt it won’t necessarily ruin your natural hair, it will most certainly end up in an appointment spanning several hours with your stylist de-tangling your matted mess of a head with you shouting ‘ouch’ at regular intervals – don’t do it!

I offer free advice and check-up’s via Phone/WhatsApp or face-to-face appointments, even if you’ve had your extensions done elsewhere and need help or advice if something’s gone wrong. (I’m nice aren’t I) 🙂

6. Book regular check-ups with your stylist

Your hair extension technician should offer free-of-charge check up appointments to ensure you’re looking after your new extensions well. I recommend popping back after a couple of weeks to see me, especially if you’re new to wearing hair extensions. The appointment only takes 5 minutes , allowing your stylist to check the bonds and quality of the hair and to answer any questions you may have around aftercare.

If you lose a lot of bonds before the 3 months is up, you may opt for a top-up / maintenance appointment whereby you pay for some more bonds to be added to re-enhance the thickness of the hair. Most clients of mine don’t tend to lose any/many bonds and so go the full 3+ months before bonds are removed and replaced. I only really recommend a top-up if a client has lost 25-50+ bonds.

Try Before You Buy

Unsure about bonds? We offer a FREE Try before you buy service. At consultation we can apply a couple of bonds to your hair so you can see how they feel, before committing to hair extensions.

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